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The presentation of a Casio Exilim FS-10 video camera to Carlitos and Patricia was the conceptual basis for a project centred on one of the camera’s outstanding features, the ability to shoot at high speed for slow-motion playback.


The leitmotif of the project was the capturing in slow motion of expressions of emotions both inside and outside "La Casa de Carlitos y Patricia", always provided these were expressed or filmed by one of the programme’s presenters/regular contributors. The project became an emotive revelation thanks to an optical technology — a revelation of the sensibilities always present in situations that are often subliminal at "normal" speed, the poetics of which can be appreciated when they are played back in slow motion.


Slow-motion replay gives us a sequenced vision of an action, bringing to light a whole emotional rhetoric invisible to the naked eye. The (e)lectronic discourse of the slow-(e)motions thus gives us an insight into downtempo emotions, audio-visual valium for a "reality" that is inevitably lived at a rhythm of constant anxiety.



Concept: Marc Serra with Carlitos and Patricia.