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20. Vernissage


- Is art’s admiration of science proportional, symmetrical?

- In the presence of a technological gadget with impressive qualities, do you find it easy to enter into dialogue with the other subjects around you in the space?

- Do you believe in the possibility of a technological culture capable of activating manifestations of conceptual art that are close to the absurd?

- Immersed in the digital age, what do you regard as an ‘interface’?

- When a conceptual proposal is materialized, where do you focus your attention: on the magnetism of the material or on the suggestion of the concept?

- What do you think of the following statement? the electronic environment is based on the 2D and 3D universe, but an idea has an infinite number of dimensions.

Vernissage installation documentary picture. Hangar Open Studios. Barcelona, June 2015.

Vernissage documentary video

Installation documentary video