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13. The Stunning Gallery


The Stunning Gallery is an installation project consisting in modifying (tuning) several design elements of an art gallery interior. Instead of leaving my mark within the gallery context, here the modifications made in the container itself become the artist’s ‘signature’.
Adopting Nicolas Bourriaud’s postulate, this work of art conceives the gallery as a place open to a dialogue about the hypothesis posed by the author: art as a salvation for relationships.
With a ‘minimal’ intervention in the space, the audience is invited to think about the ‘culture of aesthetics’ and the personal meaning they bestow to the critical mind that distinguishes us as individuals.
Like the owner of a car ‘tunes’ it to customize it and have a consumerism experience different from that of his/her neighbour, The Stunning Gallery resorts to the phenomenon of popular culture —a urban tradition— in order to activate a dialogue about cultural products and their consumption with the audience.

Demo renders.
Tinted gallery windows.

Vertical opening door.

Metallic golden painted lights and xenon lamps.

Window corbel aileron.

UV neon light in wall baseboard.

Iridiscent handrail.

Espai Satan. Sant Pere de Riudebitlles. 2015.

Prototype at my studio. Hangar.org. 2015.