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19. Inexplicable Odeur


Inexplicable Odeur explores the increasingly obvious disconnection between the natural world and its attributes as a metaphor for the lost ‘naturalness’ of interpersonal relationships, a contemporary bargaining chip.
In a 1.0 phase of the work, Inexplicable Odeur poses a reflection on the perceptive drift we experience when relating to some attributes of our natural environment.
Through a made-up universe of fragrances, this work of art aims at sensitizing the audience as critical recipients.
In the 2.0 phase of the project, a collection of plants will be created. They will not be selected by their fragrance, for they will be nanotechnologically modified and instilled with a new perfume.
Going over a reversed way —from manmade to natural—, a new perfumery format is put forward, one that approaches sculpture.

Inexplicable Odeur. Documentary pictures from the installation at La Capella. BCN Producció ’10.

Platycerium bifurcatum. Interior of a high-end sports car scent.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Underground tunnel scent.

Polyscias elegans. Toner essence.

Botanic illustrations by Joaquim Conca.