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3. Housing Bubble And The Art Scene. Collective project. Ongoing


Through artistic research and production work Housing Bubble And The Art Scene confronts how urban real estate speculation processes affects social stability and the art scene in big cities. The project explores the collective empowering potential offered by technological democratization to formulate alternative models of DIY housing, more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, and the use of ICT for a real collaborative economy and a/effective access to dwelling (and fooding, Light Kitchens sub-project in gestation).

This is an artistic project to be naturalized in a liquid authorship and which builds its full sense by replicating and making itself of and by citizenship, re-signifying the fundamental right of housing in a place of discourse  generation, affections and social and environmental constructive effects. An almost transparent boundary space between the private and public from which to portray and postulate reality.



Recycled polyethylene, low power fan  (40W)  and staples

5m diameter x 2,8m high


Produced with the kind support of Terrassa CREA


“Inflation”. Gastronomy action of speculative pastry

Free offering of wind bumps

Límbic Festival 2022. Terrassa, Barcelona.