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11. Football Club


The sound and light installation Football Club is a drift from my photo work Studio Stadium. In a completely immersive format, the musician and artist Alberto Bernal has especially created an electronic composition generated by the sounds recorded during a football match. According to his own words:

This audio track is built using the same technique I usually use to other works of mine, consisting in a re-reading of an original raw material via a double saturation: its massive superposition in multiple layers, on the one side, and the continuous iteration of micropassages through a loop window that slowly wipes the material in its whole length on the other side. As a result, a sound fabric is created, a fabric that oscillates between the semantics of the raw material (in this particular case, a recording of an sports celebration) and the new work emerging from saturating it.

Football Club combines two totems of collective entertainment: football and ‘club culture’, in order to become a ‘foot-ball club”.
Broadcasted via a quadraphonic system, the sound —which sometimes approaches white noise—is synched to the LED spotlights via a interactive software, generating a swaying light.
From the festive and hedonistic point of view, Football Club invites the audience to enter in an estate/stadium prone to questioning the value of culture, and —coming to terms with one of the meanings of ‘culture’—enlarging the ‘set of knowledge that allows an individual to develop its critical judgement’.

Quadraphonic Football Club track in 2 channels (stereo mix)
(use headphones for a better listening )

The 11’44″ track was running on in loop till 90′
(with a little bit of  time off).

Alberto Bernal




Concept and set up: Marc Serra http://www.marcserra.net
Music: Alberto Bernal http://www.albertobernal.net
Interactive sound-light and quadraphonic set up: Jan Mech http://janmech.net

Football Club installation at Estruch. Live Arts Factory. Sabadell, november 20, 2014.

Interactive sound-light and quadraphonic set up by Jan Mech. janmech.net