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6. Bigger and Unique


Bigger and Unique is a meta- and post-photography work of art, a ‘cover’ of an ‘original’ IKEA photo and its attributes as a representation of reality. This photo of a photo visually emphasizes concepts that—in an essay-like way—are literally transliterated in the text accompanying the work of art. Abilities and shortages of the photographic medium—being them the difficulty of an alleged photographic objectivity, the tensions between the image and the off-camera field, the impossibility of ‘building’ through the framing, or the 2-dimensionality of photography, among others—are ideas that coexist in the text with reflections and verifications about the visual culture in the image, cultural consumption products and false choice era fostered by the liquid modernity we are living in.

Photographic print, 360x500cm.

Picture inside picture by Bill Philip.

P2P. Contemporary Practice in Spanish Photography.
Teatro Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa.
PhotoEspaña. 2014.

Remembrance video while writing text.

Doraemon. The landscape cutter (sorry, I just found it in Catalan).